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Blinded to her need for redemption and severe wickedness on the inside, Amelia’s pursuit for love, greed and recognition catapults her on an unforeseen journey.  Amelia will do anything to win the crown as Queen for Lake High—even at the expense of losing the Crown of Life, without realizing.  With everything most want: beauty, talent, athleticism and intelligence, even a promising collegiate basketball career, Amelia’s lacking virtue and morality.

Selfish ambition, competitiveness, and feelings of insufficiency, drives Amelia to form and manipulate a campaign against the very one she would end up trusting. Her drug dealing boyfriend who attracts her with gifts, but surprises her with an abusive attitude, suffices a deeply-rooted need turned bad that shocks Uncle Joe and her mother, Margaret.

Amelia’s praying grandmother, Nana, had a dream that something tragic was going to take place, proclaiming that the devil, himself, was using her granddaughter. Nothing and no one can stop her. Evil in her heart threatens to damage Amelia’s relationships with peers, family, and God.

“Love First to Forgive” takes the reader on a journey that captures the heart! From the cast of characters to the thrilling action and teachable lessons, the story envelops the reader with hope in God, and the only One who can change the heart of a sinner…the Holy Spirit.  But, with the conundrum of Amelia’s antics, one begs to answer the question… at what cost can a wicked heart be redeemed?

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