Meet Apostle Maria

Apostle Maria Evans, an Anointed woman of God, is a healing minister, entrepreneur, and author who’s a devout servant of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Having triumphed over the plight of years of emotional and verbal abuse, Apostle Maria celebrates how the healing power of God and His Word changed her life. Today, as a conqueror of emotional and verbal abuse, Apostle Maria is most passionate in helping others overcome the silent pain of injuries from deceit, betrayal and abuse, so they can achieve total freedom.

If it were not for the Lord Jesus, the sufferings of emotional and verbal abuse could have turned me
into a scorned, bitter and enraged woman.

Apostle Maria

By the Spirit of the Lord, Apostle Maria broke free from damaging pains, so she understands:

  • what the signs of emotional and verbal abuse look like;
  • what the symptoms of emotional and verbal abuse feel like;
  • what the captivity of the pain from emotional and verbal abuse does to the heart;
  • the different degrees of emotional and verbal abuse; and
  • how to heal from the emotional trauma.

Having first-hand experience, Apostle Maria, by the Spirit, eloquently exposes the devil’s schema for deceiving people in thought-provoking ways in her latest book, entitled Peace & Freedom, Revealing Deception and Walking in Your Power in Christ. Readers experience a spiritual journey of common realities that prepares them for ultimate victory: the ability to identify and defeat the affliction of deception, betrayal and abuse from false witnesses in personal relationships that damage and destroy. Through sound, in-depth, bible-based knowledge that feeds and heals the soul, readers finish the read encouraged, empowered and liberated.

What the enemy meant for bad, God turned around for His Good. The devil’s strategies through emotional and verbal abuse couldn’t
stop or discourage her.

In thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus, Apostle Maria champions a part of her life’s work sharing spiritual truths and nuggets of wisdom through various platforms to help those in silent pain learn how to eliminate the “residual” effect of emotional and verbal abuse.

Apostle Maria is a ministering partner with our dear man of GOD, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s, world reknown Healing School and a member of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW).

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