About Passion for Purpose, LLC

Welcome to Passion for Purpose, LLC, a multi-media company offering cherished educational resources that promote faith, hope, healing and spiritual wellbeing. Our goal is to inspire people to live and walk in the knowledge of God’s Truth (not past experiences or world philosophies), so they can experience lasting joy and peace, the Bible way (not temporal conditions of happiness).

That’s why our resources are so invaluable assets, because they impart spiritual truths based on the Word that can impact positive change. At Passion for Purpose, LLC, we put a lot of time and attention in everything we produce from prototypes to products to ads to social media posts, ensuring that each one delivers the right kind of “food” the human spirit needs to heal and grow.

So, for us it’s important that everything we offer represents the values by which we stand—hope, healing and spiritual wellbeing for all. Here at Passion for Purpose, LLC, we believe that with God anything is possible and that we are His expressions in the earth…here for His purpose.

Providing profitable resources honors our commitment to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ (of which we believe in with all of our hearts). Therefore, they have ability to inspire and uplift all who partake. Each one of our assets infuses people with the blessings of the Lord, bringing more beauty in their lives to spark unending passion for purpose!

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Our resources build faith, embolden, instruct and encourage people to make the decisions that support their walk-in righteousness. Because all of our resources are Spirit-led and inspired, they have the ability to catapult your life to higher levels of grace and glory!

Seeing others heal silent pain and find lasting happiness inside is what makes every minute of our time serving you worthwhile.

Take your life to the next level! Take action today!

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